Why Choose Remanufactured Equipment


Remanufactured gas pumps / dispensers and parts are just what you need to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. And Petroleum Parts Inc. (PPI) offers a combination of advantages no one else in the industry can match, let alone exceed:

  • Lower cost than brand-new gas pumps / dispensers and parts - as much as 50 to 70% savings
  • Much higher quality (meeting or exceeding industry standards) than gas pumps / dispensers and parts that are simply recycled, not remanufactured
  • Expertise in remanufacturing – we are the petroleum-industry leader in remanufactured products
  • Petroleum-industry savvy – our staff has more than 200 years of combined petroleum industry and OEM experience
  • Multiple models, brands, and OEM companies – Tokheim, Schlumberger, Gilbarco, and Wayne
  • Value-added customer service provided by experienced associates who are always ready to help you
  • A 30,000-square-foot facility with fluid-handling and electronic-component test stations for any remanufactured gas pumps / dispensers
  • The petroleum industry’s most complete catalog and reference guide for remanufactured gas pumps / dispensers, parts, and accessories
  • Key relationships around the world that help us deliver our value-added services
  • A reputation for integrity – in the remanufactured gas pumps /dispensers and parts we offer and in our business dealings

Our representatives can tell you more about the advantages of buying "remanufactured." Contact us, toll-free, at 800.521.0951.