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  Part Description Part Number Manufacturer
SM100A Centurion Meter 8100309 Schlumberger
Vista Electronic Meter, gallons, 2PM-6K 048-039310 Wayne
Ovation I-Meter, Flat Inlets, dual side 11-047927 Wayne
Ethanol Meter 891189-001 Wayne
4000 Flat Inlet Meter E-400-3 Schlumberger
LC High Flow Meter LCM5 Other
Mechanical Meter PA024NC10 Gilbarco
HighLine Electronic Meter PA024TC10 Gilbarco
Advantage Meter, A Side PA024TC20 Gilbarco
Advantage Meter. B Side PA024TC21 Gilbarco
Legacy High Flow Meter PA024TC26 Gilbarco
Encore Meter T19976-G35 Gilbarco
898K Meter 416873-37 Tokheim
Wayne Ovation iMeter Dual, 2nd Design 001-048015B Wayne
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