Equipment Repurchase Program


Want to make easy money – and help the environment? You can do so by selling us your old inventory of gas pumps / dispensers and parts for cash or credit.

We handle the logistics, picking up your pumps / dispensers, and parts and paying you immediately. Here are some general guidelines on what we’re currently buying and how you can get a bid:

We are buyers for:
Pumps and Dispensers

  • All Gilbarco card-reader multiproduct pumps and dispensers and good MPD-3s. In Trimlines and Highlines, we are interested in all suction pumps and high-speed truckstop dispensers.
  • Tokheim Premier multiproduct suction pumps and dispensers (especially units with card readers) as well as 262A suction pumps and dispensers and 262 and 162 suction pumps. We are also interested in all high-speed truckstop dispensers and have a limited interest only in high-hose TCSs.
  • Wayne card-reader multiproduct pumps and dispensers, except early card readers with paper-cutting (not tear-off) printers. And we do have markets for 360-series units.

Consoles and POS Systems

  • Verifone® "Ruby" systems (we pay top dollar). We also have some interest in Gilbarco, Tokheim, and Wayne system, though we don’t buy the older Gilbarco G-Site systems with the "C2/C15" controller.

How To Get A Bid On Your Equipment

The guidelines above aren’t ironclad. It's just that, from day to day, our needs change. Please call us at 800-521-0951 to find out what they are at any given time.

The best thing to do is prepare a list of your equipment for sale, including model numbers, and fax it to us at 763-785-7095. Mark your fax "Attention: Equipment Buyer."

Does your equipment have to be in perfect condition? No. We generally require that equipment be complete with no major damage (i.e., serious rust, hit, fire, flood, or hurricane). We always require that the manufacturer's original serial plate and UL recognition label be present. Since we rebuild the majority of the equipment we buy, we are not too concerned about cosmetic damage to doors, sides, etc. Please be as specific as you can, however, regarding condition.

After we agree on a price, we will issue a Purchase Order for the equipment. Then we'll arrange pickup and payment. Pretty simple, right?

Questions? Contact us, toll-free, at 800.521.0951. Remember: We want to buy your used gas pumps / dispensers and parts.