Policies and Shipping

(Parts Only)


In order to serve you in the most expedient manner, please place your order using one of the following methods:

·         Call us Toll Free:                     866-449-9200

·         Call us Direct:                          260-749-9200

·         Fax us Toll Free:                     866-449-9211

·         Fax us Direct:                          260-493-2486

·         Email:                                      Call us for email address


On all orders, the core must be returned in a timely fashion. If after 60 days the core has not been returned, a core charge equal to the net selling price may be charged. Cores must be returned in a like for like manner or a core upgrade charge may be invoiced.  Cores that are damaged beyond repair or are not able to be rebuilt will not be accepted or honored for exchange.  We reserve the right to charge for damaged or missing components.  The customer will be notified prior to any additional charges being added to the invoice.  All items must be returned in static safe packaging to protect our mutual investment.  Cores should be returned to the following address freight prepaid:

Petroleum Parts Inc.

6926 Quemetco Court

Fort Wayne, IN  46803


New customers wishing to establish credit need to simply fill out our credit application and fax it to us using our toll free or direct fax numbers.  Call us for an application or you may find it on our web site:  www.petroleumpartsinc.com.  Prior to credit approval, initial orders may be placed using Visa or MasterCard.

Established customers qualify for the following terms:

·         4% Prepayment Discount

·         2% Net 10 Day Discount

·         Net 30 Day Terms

To receive the 4% Prepayment Discount a company check, money order, cash or completed wire transfer must be received prior to shipment.  To receive the 2% Net 10 Day Discount, payment must be received no later than 10 days after the date of invoice.  We send invoiced on the same day as shipment.  Accounts not paid by the Net 30 Day Terms will be charged interest at an APR of 18% and will be subject to COD or prepayment terms.


Petroleum Parts Inc.

6926 Quemetco Court

Fort Wayne, IN 46803